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Learn Chinese language in English & Urdu for Beginners as well as new speakers using Chinese and Pinyin – Complete Offline (اردو چائنيز). Banain Roshan Pakistan. Speak Chinese language in Urdu

We have made Chinese learning for all to become familiar with Chinese, we are using very easy techniques to teach Chinese in Urdu.

A bridge between any two countries is the ease of communication. Learn business Mandarin Chinese. Learn business Chinese in Urdu. The language barrier between the two cultures will be reduced using our app.

Learn Chinese language in Urdu is highly recommended offline app for all those wants to work for CPEC in Pakistan, China and other friendly projects of China any where in the world. Learn Business Chinese

CPEC in Pakistan is a game changer and there will be millions of job openings and opportunities for all Pakistanis and Chinese citizens. There are hundred of thousand workers already doing job in CPEC in Pakistan. This app will guaranteed helps you in learning Chinese language in Urdu and surely you will be able to easily communicate with our Chinese friends. App is completely offline. No require internet to study.

Please spread the knowledge by sharing this offline app with all of your friends an relatives who are eager to learn Chinese language in Urdu. We will be happy if you leave us a message or comment if you learn something amazing and get job learning through this app in CPEC.

Learn Chinese language in Urdu is a latest educational app from Kashigar Apps. The aim of developing this teaching Chinese language app to let the Urdu Speakers learn to speak Chinese. This app is for all those peoples who wants to do something in the field of CPEC. The Pakistani Urdu speakers can learn Chinese Language very easily and within days they can know the basic Chinese pronunciation, they are either laborers, drivers, professionals, interpreters working with Chinese people in Pakistan and abroad. They all must install this amazing Chinese Language in Urdu learning app.

Learn Chinese Language in Urdu all lessons
Learn Chinese Language in Urdu, a perfect android app to teach you basic and professional Chinese with Urdu lessons. These lessons include basic letters and characters in Chinese to start with, numbers, greetings, shopping, traveling, airport, daily activities, especially designed for daily tasks, daily Chinese conversation, how to speak Chinese in a few days. We are conforming you that you will learn to speak Chinese in Urdu and speak Chinese in a few days. Chinese is well known as Mandarin in Chinese native language. Are you businessman, there are plenty of Chinese phrases for you to speak the billion of Chinese people and make your trade more efficient and you can use this app offline all over China and is easy to learn and understand especially for Urdu foreigners working in China mainland and in Pakistan or anywhere in the world.

The lessons included starts from the most used and basic words and phrases that are important in daily life and you can also use this app as Chinese to Urdu collection of words like Dictionary (Chinese Dictionary). Chinese characters pronunciation and pin yin is explained very easily and enable you to pronounce spoken Chinese in your daily life and routine with Chinese people. This app contains all the lessons from Basic to advanced and are part of this app that you can always learn and use in daily life.

The more highly important lessons are coming soon and will be the best app of learning Chinese in Urdu with pinyin and Chinese in Urdu dictionary support of thousands of phrases and words of daily life, commerce, University and school. The app helps you to speak Chinese in minimal time and duration to get you enable to work with Chinese people as well and interact with them confidently.

Learn Chinese Urdu
CPEC is the game changer and you must learn to communicate with Chinese friends. Install this app right now and share this app with your friends and family.

Install the app: Learn Chinese language in Urdu by Kashigar Apps
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